Redhound Racing Repairs, Inc.


In the late 1930’s R.H. Alldritt invented a lure system which solved all of the current problems with dog racing in his time: reliability; dogs becoming unsighted due to loss of interest or distance, bunching and subsequent crashing, runaway dogs, costly maintenance and repair times.

The Alldritt racetrack system is built much like a horse track as far as terrain is concerned. The rails are on the inside of the running surface, which allows the animals to use the natural forces of gravity, to both help them get advantages in the race over other dogs, and also encourages safe natural running without the animals bunching too close together in the turns, allowing the dogs with the natural closing speed to advance their positions just prior and right up to, the finish line, also diminishing the occurrences of injuries.

Upon his death, Mr. Alldritt passed ownership of Greyhound Equipment Company to his grandson, John Phillips, who eventually sold to his three sons, George, James, and Steven Phillips. By 2012, two brothers had sold their shares of the company to James Phillips, who then formed a new company, Redhound Racing Repairs Inc., to further the advancement of Greyhound racing in America and throughout the world, by installing and servicing the equipment with the most expert knowledge of the equipment’s functions passed down from the inventor, Mr. Alldritt. The safety of the dogs is the most important focus.

Now, not only are Redhound tracks coupled with Alldritt-based and equipment the best performing in the world, they are now the safest system ever developed.

Through Redhound Racing, you can purchase all of the equipment necessary to run your greyhound racing operations independently of anyone else, and get the advantage of the extremely enhanced dog and human safety measures we employ, involved solely in the protection of the animals and animal welfare in general. We love Greyhounds as much as we love Greyhound racing.

Not only are our tracks and equipment the best performing in the world, they are the safest system ever developed.