Greyhound racetrack construction by Greyhound Equipment Company

Greyhound Racetrack Construction

Offering the Alldritt Lure Rail System

  • Considered the best rail system in the world since the 1940s
  • Extremely enhanced dog and human safety measures
  • Motor conveyed upon a dual rail system, allowing for top speed (faster than any dog can run)
  • Motor operation only feet away from the lead dog in the pack to avoid loss of interest/becoming unsighted
  • Maintains the lure 8 feet off the inside rail (the center of the track, rather than at the inside rail), thus reducing bunching and crashing
  • Post race dog-recovery is facilitated when the lure retreats inside the track, stopping behind silhouettes of two lures, so the walkers have easier access to pick up the dogs
  • Lowest hours of maintenance, repairs can be completed by two persons at most
  • With proper routine maintenance, the system should last 40+ years without major repairs


Providing the Worlds Best Lure System for 75 years and counting