greyhound racing safety equipment

Safety-First Greyhound Racing System

Redhound Racing Repairs Inc., (RRRI), has successfully completed the testing of a new safety device that may bring an end to dog injuries or casualties. This device is designed to swing the lure arm back inside the rails and safely out of the path of an oncoming dog (in the case of a dog reversing field), or human, for whatever reason they might be in the path of the oncoming lure.

It is our belief that the implementation of this, the first development of a safety feature with the animals in mind, will have a profound effect on the industry in the following ways:

  • Saving the life of one or more dogs in one step,
  • Saving a prized dog to race another day,
  • Dog owners will be grateful,
  • The tracks can show that animal rights are being addressed,
  • The crowds will applaud rather than turn in despair, applauding the tracks
  • Greyhound racing can become safe and fun again
  • The equipment suffers no damage
  • Track liability will lessen

When a dog reverses field, it almost always results in a no-race being called. NO harm can come from easily avoiding an ugly accident and saving a dog’s life. It is win, win, no matter how you look at the situation.

Let's Talk Safety

After initial installation, the Alldritt lure system offers only one point on the track to make the lure arm fold into the rails and away from the dogs.

The Redhound Safety Device can be installed on top of the fence supports at the other three turns in the track that are not covered by the brake system trip tray. The only wiring necessary is 110 power to the safety device itself. This device is remote controlled using non-interfere-able radio waves programmed to the users’ own personal and unique code.

As you know, most “wrecks” happen in turn number one. A track opting to install only one device should then mount the device in turn number three, as the reversed dog and the motor would meet just past turn three most often. For complete safety, Redhound Racing Repair recommends all three turns be covered. Redhound Racing Repair can professionally install one device enabling track personnel to easily copy the installation of other devices, thus saving the installation costs. Installation time for one device is approximately three hours. Most tracks have power already accessible around the rail system.

Note: If the customer is confident that they can self install from the beginning, then Redhound Racing Repair will make itself available to give telephone instructions at no cost, as is always the case when dealing with Redhound Racing Repair.

Copper Bus Bar Insulation

In addition, we’ve developed a way to insulate the copper bus bar that is currently exposed and carrying 240 volts (very deadly) of electricity around the entire track. Cost is $1.95 per foot (most tracks can figure approximately a half mile of coverage), plus installation (unless track wishes to self-install).